Fantastic table stationery for Kelly and Graeme’s wedding at Kinkell Byre

August 2017

Being a farmer’s daughter myself,  I’ve been to a few farmer weddings and no-one can challenge our ability to throw a good party! Kelly and Graeme were such a pleasure to help and I have to admit to an extra big smile when the first dance started at 8.00pm on the dot!  I am lucky to be able to see so many weddings that have different themes and different personal touches and I absolutely loved Kelly’s Mum’s table stationery, although she wasn’t too keen for me to recommend her to others.

Gail and Philip’s Kinkell Byre celebration

August 2017

I have been so proud to help so many couples getting married at Kinkell Byre over the years and it is without doubt one of my favourite places to be.  Gail and Philip’s wedding was certainly no exception.  Gail had spent many summer holidays in Elie so when she at South African, Philip were looking for a wedding venue there was really only one choice.  Such a fun-loving couple who rounded off the weekend with a cricket match on the beach.

Rachael and David’s wedding at Carberry Tower

July 2017

This was only my second wedding at Carberry Tower and it was a pleasure to be back.  Rachael and David travelled from Australia and their friends and family from all over the world to celebrate a celebration filled with so much love.  Rachael looked radiant and grinned and laughed all day.  I’m looking forward to hearing where life takes them as I can see some great adventures ahead for this wonderful couple.

Lauren and Steven’s “hot” wedding.

June 2017

I am very lucky to do a job that I love so much and when I had the great pleasure of working with Lauren and Steven, I definitely felt very fortunate indeed.  They decided to get married at Lauren’s parents’ family home with a stunning Henderson marquee in the garden.  And we certainly couldn’t complain about the Scottish weather that day as it was definitely the hottest of the year so far.  There was lots of Prosecco, lots and lots of love and above all, so much laughter.  I wish Lauren and Steven the longest and happiest of adventures together.

Image courtesy of Suzanne Black photography.

Hogmanay wedding at Comrie Croft

January 2017

It was such a privilege to be involved in Emily and Clare’s Hogmanay wedding at Comrie Croft.  We set up the ceremony with two aisles so they could both enter at the same time and they had such smiles on their faces when they saw each other for the first time in their gorgeous dresses.  Comrie Croft is a lovely DIY venue with great flexibility, a range of accommodation and stunning views of the Perthshire hills.

Kinkell Byre wedding

Full two day set up for a Kinkell Byre wedding

September 2016

I first met Liz and Duncan around 18 months ago and have very much enjoyed being a part of their plans.  I make no apologies for my love for Kinkell Byre and for this weekend’s wedding it looked absolutely wonderful.  This was the climax of a three-day celebration and while the guests were enjoying their ghost tour, golf, rehearsal dinner and Highland Games, there was a fantastic team working all hours to bring Liz (and Duncan’s I’m sure) vision to life.

Wedding at Carberry Tower

Utopia’s first wedding at Carberry Tower

July 2016

This was my first wedding at Carberry Tower, and it was an absolute pleasure.  Two of the most amazing families I have every met and I don’t think anyone can deny…. .gorgeous couple!  All the guests even took part in a Mini Highland Games with incredible enthusiasm.  The winning team was to name the couple’s first born child but thankfully, “Pokémon” was vetoed.  Congratulations to Vivian and Eric and thank you to everyone who made it such a success.

Alan Family Wedding

June 2016

When I first met the Alan family about ten years ago, we were already looking forward to when the then teenager, Lindy was going to have her own wedding at their beautiful home in the Trossachs.  Well this weekend, it was my absolute pleasure to help with that very event.  What a stunning, bride, handsome groom and forever one of my favourite families in the world.  Lots of love to you all xxx